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I am a full-stack marketer, ingenious writer, and seasoned business advisor with strong expertise across all marketing domains in international markets.

I help brands and businesses win, grow, and scale across their markets and industries using next-gen tactics, strategies, and tools on the digital and conventional ends.

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Writing Portfolio

TikTok is a Game Changer for Marketers in Pakistan - Perspective

Facing hate and love from different segments, TikTok is a gold mine for modern day marketers and brands. A bold statement would be that TikTok is pulling our youth towards digital platforms and is paving the path for future content creators.

TOP Copywriting Agency - TOP Agency

We are a band of creative composers and brand voice innovators able to define your company through the written word. We understand that the words we use to describe our brands reflect the essence of who they are and who they are trying to reach.

The Educational Hazard

A few days ago, I was reading a book that argued about the dangers and disadvantages of education. I had valid points about how education makes us blind to non-academic pursuits and that it gives too much importance to career progress.

TOP Marketing Agency Dubai

Dubai is not just the pioneer of business in the Middle East but also a major world leader. We understand the fast-paced Dubai market and what it takes to broadcast your messaging across a highly competitive market.

How self-love is eating society...

Modern philosophy, or as I like to call it, corrupted interpretations of classic philosophies from the likes of Rumi and Aristotle, presents us with an idea that is gaining popularity rapidly these days; self-love, self-affirmation and being self-sufficient.

Twitter, Facebook and Rap music are "klling da English lang"! | The Express Tribune

'Congratulations' became 'congrats' and appallingly enough has been reduced to 'congo'. What in the world is 'congo'? "LOL, LMFAO, Congo, TTYL" For those of us born before the 80s, this would probably seem like an alien language or could lead to the assumption that the sender of the message has gone nuts.

Why #ecommerce is booming and your business might be lacking behind?

Since the Coronavirus outbreak, physical #retail is at a historical decline. Stores are closed and we are left with no choice but to step into the #digitalmarketing game.


The scene opens at a hill station in Northern Pakistan, snow covering the mountains, the forest spanning throughout the wild. A soft wind blowing with shards of snow floating in them. A small wood cabin is decorated with holiday festivities at the top of the hill; small trees, flowers, lights and bells hanging on the walls of the porch and the door.

Shopping Malls are safer for business amid the Coronavirus outbreak

Looking at the pictures of thousands of people rushing the markets of Karachi on the first day of opening was truly heart-breaking. We as a nation have failed to understand what Jinnah meant by 'unity'.

Experiential Marketing Portfolio

Design Portfolio

time check logo

Time Check
Wristwatch Company

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Apparel Brand

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Shaadi Expo
Wedding Exhibition

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Sheikh & Chaudhri
Tax and Management Consultants

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Social Media Platform

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Consultancy Platform

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Cubic Grey
Partner Design Agency

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Karachi Film & Comic Con
Comic Conventions Platform


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TOP Worldwide
Full-Service Marketing Agency

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Apparel Brand

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The Hijab Company
Modest Clothing Brand

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Karachi Film & Comic Con
Comic Conventions Platform

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Vape Lab PK
Vaping Products Store

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Cubic Grey
Partner Design Agency


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